What the State of the Union Address Will Yield

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Much talk is being bandied about concerning President Obama's State of the Union address. Many are speculating what he will and will not say. Benghazi? Apology for the disaster that is the Affordable Health Care Act rollout? Disparage those non-compliant Republicans?

The consensus of opinion seems to be that he will come out on the attack, try to paint the picture of an improved economy, push immigration, and engage in class warfare--though he'll temper it by shifting the language from "income inequality" to "ladders of opportunity." Furthermore, he will throw his weight around and tell us that he is the man and will use the man's pen to do what he wants if he cannot figure out how to lead well enough to get Congress to trust him to the point of embracing his agenda. In other words, he will use executive order to do what he feels like doing.

No doubt, there will be a plethora of responses to the speech he gives tonight. His hard left supporters will jump up and clap like a woman in church, as Nancy Pelosi was wont to do while sitting behind him wearing a look only Pelosi could pull off. The hard right will inwardly cry, "You lie!" as Rep. Joe Wilson cried aloud during a speech Obama gave to Congress in 2009.

Whatever the President says or doesn't say, the days ahead will, no doubt, be filled with a dissection--via articles, interviews, and fact-checking--of this year's State of the Union address. That's a steady refrain, of course--about as steady as Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee's poking and prodding of anyone who might dare try to block her aisle seat where she awaits her President Obama kiss.


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