On Independence Day, We Must Be Mindful

Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Independence Day, everyone. God bless America!

"God bless America" is more than a phrase we throw around. Current times truly reveal how much we need the Lord.

As we celebrate with family, friends, and food, may we be mindful that the freedoms we have are paid for by people willing to lay it all on the line for us. May we be mindful that those freedoms are under assault and that we need the hand of God to co-labor with us to cover and protect this land and our freedoms. And may we be mindful that it will not be easy for us to guard what He has given--especially in the age in which we live.

Let's celebrate, and let's pray for God to have His way in America and to grant us His mercy. And as we ask God to bless America, may our hearts be turned to Him so that we may bless Him, as well.


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