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CWA Video Addresses Hatred for Governor Palin and Other Virtuous Women

Friday, March 8, 2013

I extend a big "thank you" to Steve Flesher for bringing my attention to this short video clip in celebration of Women's History Month. Concerned Women for America also points out the hatred many on the left have for virtuous women, namely Governor Palin and Representative Michele Bachmann:


ZoNation Video: Do Not Let Democrats Elect First Female President

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Alfonzo Rachel, better known as Zo of ZoNation, has published an interesting monologue. In it, he breaks down the Republican party's failures and its need to make sure the Democrats do not elect the first woman president. He addresses the current culture as its being shaped by liberals, and how the GOP must infuse the culture with conservative principles. Electing the first woman president is a piece to the puzzle, he states. Doing what they've done in the past--throwing Governor Palin and Representative Michele Bachmann under the bus--won't get the job done for Republicans.

It's worth the 3 minutes, 55 seconds it takes to watch. Take a look:

(Video retrieved from The Right Scoop)
(h/t TENCOLE, C4P commenter)


Democrat Kirsten Powers Calls Out Democrat Misogynists

Monday, March 5, 2012

Kirsten Powers, a liberal, shows that she cares more about what's right than defeating the right. For that, she gets my respect. Governor Palin tweeted the link to an article Powers wrote for The Daily Beast today.

Fellow Alaskan @kirstenpowers10 names the hypocrisy: 'Nuff said.

The last few days have been abuzz with talk about Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown University law student, who found it necessary to discuss her birth control "needs" before Congress. Her plea for free contraceptives, which is baffling in and of itself, led to Rush Limbaugh calling her a "slut." He has since apologized. Kirsten Powers condemns Limbaugh's comments, but she rightly points out that liberal men have consistently referred to conservative women in vile, sexist, and disgusting terms, while many liberals have not been moved enough to take a stand against it. Somehow, however, Rush Limbaugh's comments spark a sudden deep concern for women and incredible outrage. The hypocrisy is glaring, and Powers puts it on display.

Here are some excerpts from her article:

Did you know there is a war on women?

Yes, it’s true. Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, Bill Maher, Matt Taibbi, and Ed Schultz have been waging it for years with their misogynist outbursts. There have been boycotts by people on the left who are outraged that these guys still have jobs. Oh, wait. Sorry, that never happened.

Of course not.

But if Limbaugh’s actions demand a boycott—and they do—then what about the army of swine on the left?

During the 2008 election Ed Schultz said on his radio show that Sarah Palin set off a “bimbo alert.” He called Laura Ingraham a “right-wing slut.” (He later apologized.) He once even took to his blog to call yours truly a “bimbo” for the offense of quoting him accurately in a New York Post column.


Left-wing darling Matt Taibbi wrote on his blog in 2009, “When I read [Malkin’s] stuff, I imagine her narrating her text, book-on-tape style, with a big, hairy set of balls in her mouth.”

No outrage at this? No apologies?

But the grand pooh-bah of media misogyny is without a doubt Bill Maher—who also happens to be a favorite of liberals—who has given $1 million to President Obama’s super PAC. Maher has called Palin a “dumb twat” and dropped the C-word in describing the former Alaska governor. He called Palin and Congresswoman Bachmann “boobs” and “two bimbos.” He said of the former vice-presidential candidate, “She is not a mean girl. She is a crazy girl with mean ideas.” He recently made a joke about Rick Santorum’s wife using a vibrator. Imagine now the same joke during the 2008 primary with Michelle Obama’s name in it, and tell me that he would still have a job. Maher said of a woman who was harassed while breast-feeding at an Applebee’s, “Don't show me your tits!” as though a woman feeding her child is trying to flash Maher. (Here’s a way to solve his problem: don’t stare at a strangers’ breasts). Then, his coup de grâce: “And by the way, there is a place where breasts and food do go together. It’s called Hooters!”

Liberals—you know, the people who say they “fight for women”—comprise Maher’s audience, and a parade of high-profile liberals make up his guest list. Yet have any of them confronted him? Nope. That was left to Ann Coulter, who actually called Maher a misogynist to his face, an opportunity that feminist icon Gloria Steinem failed to take when she appeared on his show in 2011.

Bill Maher is downright despicable and disgusting. Period. Anyone who watches his show obviously falls under the same description. Decent human beings don't enjoy his kind of commentary.

Again, Kirsten Powers demonstrates a respect for the treatment of women--all women, not just liberal women. She doesn't hold back calling out the misogyny of the left just because she's a Democrat. She ends her article with this:

It’s time for some equal-opportunity accountability. Without it, the fight against media misogyny will continue to be perceived as a proxy war for the Democratic Party, not a fight for fair treatment of women in the public square.

The entire article is worth reading. Do so here.


Governor Palin Has No Regrets & Reveals Which Candidate MSM & Obama Want to Face

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tonight, Governor Palin was Judge Jeanine Pirro's guest on her Fox News show, Justice w/ Judge Jeanine. The Judge started right out the gate with the question that people have oft asked the Governor: Any regrets? Governor Palin reiterated that she has no regrets for not throwing her hat into the GOP ring.

After Judge Jeanine stated a couple times that Governor Palin had called for Jon Huntsman and Michele Bachmann to drop out of the race, the Governor corrected her. She clarified that what she gave was her opinion, which wasn't personal but was rooted in reality. Poll numbers showed consistently that it was not Bachmann's time, for example; therefore, for the sake of family finance, it would make sense to consider doing what Bachmann, in fact, did do: step aside. Governor Palin stated her point was that it would make sense "for their own good that they would look at stepping aside and having their supporters start coalescing around another candidate in order to oust the incumbent." This is further illustration of Governor Palin's commitment to what she calls ABO, anybody but Obama. She did point out, too, that Representative Bachmann's failure to maintain traction had nothing to do with the Tea Party losing relevance, but that Bachmann had "some staff members around her who didn't do her justice." That's the truth--which, to me, speaks to her own judgment. But we all live and learn.

About Mitt Romney, Governor Palin predicts that the media will go easy on him. "I believe the mainstream media, and Obama, want to face Mitt Romney in the general election" so they can portray him as out of touch with the regular, everyday, working class American. I believe she's right. The President is married to class warfare, and Romney lends himself to that tactic. (See his $10,000 bet suggestion for fodder.)

This was a rather substantive interview, with Governor Palin doing a fine job of discussing the candidates and giving us more of a look into what we have in store as we continue in this Primary process and head into the general election.

(Video courtesy of SarahNET)


Congresswoman Michele Bachmann Steps Aside

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann ended her campaign for the GOP presidential nomination today. After last night's last place finish in the Iowa Caucuses, I expected as much. So when she spoke, after realizing her dismal finish, that she was still the person to defeat President Obama, I was at a loss for how she could miss what the rest of us see: It's been a valiant effort, but it's over. She won the Iowa Straw Poll, but that was it. Enthusiasm for her simply didn't remain, and neither did the finances to continue.

Today, Congresswoman Bachmann admitted as much, and said she has no regrets. Though I simply wasn't sparked by her campaign, and though I didn't agree with every manner in which she conducted business, I've always respected her stand for fiscal and social conservatism. Her unashamed faith in Christ opened her up to the kind of criticism Christians always receive in this country now, unfortunately, but it's certainly refreshing to see her boldness regardless.

As Governor Palin stated last night during her Fox participation in the Iowa Caucuses, Bachmann will continue to serve us well in the House of Representatives.

Watch some of Representative Bachmann's comments here.


Eric Bolling Asks Gov. Palin if She's Considering Jumping into 2012 Race

Monday, January 2, 2012

On the eve of the Iowa Caucuses, Governor Palin appeared on Fox News, where Eric Bolling was filling in for Neil Cavuto. In light of the recent ads in Iowa asking her to "Reconsider" her decision and run for President, the movements to draft her, and the write-in "Vote Rogue" campaign, Bolling asked the Governor many questions about entering the 2012 race.

Reading various internet comments reveals that some people actually get it now: she does not plan to run. Others refuse to face that and insist "she's SO running." Still some are trashing her, which I knew would occur when people finally saw that she's not running and would need someone to blame for their own wishes that they thrust upon her.

Eric Bolling asked her about Newt Gingrich's recent comment that she is on his short list as a possible VP running mate or as a member of his cabinet, Energy Secretary.

Finally, Governor Palin also discussed the current GOP field again and stated something that many of us have felt for some time: Jon Huntsman should drop out of the race. "He didn't even give it the old college try in Iowa," which is "offensive." She then said Michele Bachmann will probably soon follow. While acknowledging that Bachmann has some good ideas, she said, "I don't think it's her time this go-around."

Concerning jumping into the 2012 fray, I believe Governor Palin made it abundantly clear for those who have ears to hear. You have to decide for yourself, of course:

(Video retrieved from SarahNET)


Video: Gov. Palin Talks Rick Perry and Crony Capitalism with Greta

Monday, September 12, 2011

I just love Governor Palin! One thing I have always respected about her is her fearlessness in calling it like she sees it. Tonight, she spoke with Greta Van Susteren after the Tea Party Republican Presidential Debate. I agree with the Governor that tonight's debate was definitely worth watching. Never one to hold back, she praised Rep. Michele Bachmann for calling out Governor Perry for the Gardasil inoculation of little girls. Bachmann suggested that Perry wasn't motivated by any concern for these children, but by the prospect of lining his own political pockets.

Even prior to Governor Palin's Iowa Tea Party speech, when it was first reported that she would be talking about "crony capitalism," people began to speculate that she was referring to Governor Perry. After the speech, that discussion continued. Tonight, all doubt has been erased. Governor Palin made in abundantly clear that she would not tippy-toe around Rick Perry. They have been called friends, and for that reason, many felt she wouldn't get into the race if he got in, and she wouldn't call him out on his record. Not so.

In her twenty years of public service, she has never kept her mouth shut when she saw corruption; her actions helped give corruption in Alaska a black eye. She didn't keep her mouth shut tonight, either. In no uncertain terms, she articulated that she views Perry as a crony capitalist. (And some people actually said she was going to go to Iowa and endorse Perry!) Politics as usual would have necessitated she not be so bold but instead make nice with the Governor of Texas. Being indebted to the good old boys would have necessitated the same. However, when you have gotten where you are based on hard work, integrity, and incredible instincts, you can speak the truth and not worry about who likes you, who invites you to their country club, or who will eventually back your campaign once theirs fizzles out. The only one you have to look in the eyes is yourself. That's Governor Palin.

I can't wait till she gets in this race.

Here's the interview:

(Video courtesy of The Right Scoop)


My Take: As of Today, Gov. Palin IS Planning to Run for President

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Governor Palin was a guest on America Live with Megyn Kelly today to discuss President Obama's supposed jobs plan, Governor Rick Perry's "treasonous" comments and the President's response, media treatment of Michele Bachmann, and her own thoughts as she decides whether to enter the 2012 race.

Concerning 2012, I listened very carefully to what Governor Palin said. From my perspective, she made it clear that as of today she is planning to run for President. Here's what she said:

Still looking for that candidate whom I can put my heart and soul behind to support. If I don't see that person here in short order, I would be willing to put my name forward in the name of service.

She went on to say that the field is not yet set, that others will get in and some will get out. But again, it was clear to me that even though she's "impressed" with the lineup, she is still looking for someone she can support wholeheartedly--or she will be that someone. If the person she could get behind were already a candidate, she wouldn't still be looking, and if she still finds herself looking soon, she said, she'll be entering the race.

Watch and listen for yourself:


Comparing Governor Palin's Record to Congresswoman Bachmann's: No Contest

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Even before Representative Michele Bachmann officially announced that she's running for president, when she had just said she was considering it, all the talk began comparing her to Governor Palin. Strangely, the talking heads seemed to embrace Bachmann, propping her up as being more serious, more intelligent, more experienced than Governor Palin, and some even desired a catfight between the two.

No catfight has ensued. America cannot afford catfights, although the sexists--females as well as males, mind you--long to pit these two women against each other in some personal battle. When the future of the country is on the line, who in their right minds can stomach personal attacks? Rest assured, however, that it is always fair--and even prudent--to evaluate people based on their records. If we're going to engage in honest discussions about a candidate and potential candidate, let's be clear: place Michele Bachmann's resume and experience alongside Governor Palin's, and Bachmann's comes up wanting. It's not personal; it's fact.

Steve Flesher, writing for American Thinker, points this out. His assessment of the more qualified individual is based on facts and records. It's an objective article, and everyone should read it in its entirety (emphasis added):

While Bachmann is relatively new to the national spotlight and the media's dissection of every word uttered, Sarah Palin has undoubtedly proven it is something she can handle. Since 2008, Sarah Palin has been scrutinized, vetted, quoted, and taken out of context more times than practically any other politician in history.

As a result, she has a steel spine in dealing with it which matches her handling of dismayed establishment-politicians beholden to special interests.

To be fair, it is difficult to point out the differences between the two without first acknowledging the similarities.

Without a doubt, Palin and Bachmann are political allies. While Palin was campaigning with John McCain in 2008, Bachmann was on the House floor standing in opposition to the Wall Street bailout. While Sarah Palin was out selling books and preparing to campaign for a myriad of candidates, Michele Bachmann was rallying strong as a member of Congress against the stimulus and ObamaCare.

Both women are of strong faith. Both women are resourceful, attractive, young, and energetic. Further, they separately and collectively graced stages and podiums in 2010 at Tea Party rallies to deliver great energy to the crowds, leading to the most historic victory for conservatism since WW2.

In all honesty, their convictions alone make them both more than qualified to take on President Obama, win, and lead this country to the greater days we've yet to discover.

Still, on the basis of objective evidence, the chips fall in favor of Sarah Palin.

First, no President since James Garfield in 1880 has gone directly from the House of Representatives to the White House (my apologies to Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul fans).

Despite varying political persuasions, Americans instinctively prefer executive experience found in former governors including Reagan, Clinton, G.W. Bush, and even Carter.

As a former governor, Palin vetoed $237M of wasteful spending under Alaska's billion-dollar annual budget. She proposed and often convinced the legislators on both sides of the aisle to reduce burdens on individuals and businesses by eliminating nuisance taxes and various bureaucratic road blocks to success like license fees and other unnecessary costs.

She achieved a record 88% approval rating by showcasing her independent streak of reaching across the aisle to Democrats in the legislative branch. Doing this made sure that fellow Republicans were, too, held accountable.

While one can appreciate Michele Bachmann's entrepreneurial experience as a job-creator, Palin's similar experience is now combined with that of an executive of a state. She knows how to utilize business experience for the greater good of job creators.

Further, as former head of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (AOGCC), Sarah Palin knows firsthand the complexities involved in dealing with often-stubborn oil giants. Her experience can be utilized to explore tapping into our own resources benefiting our economy, creating jobs, and making us less dependent on foreign sources.

Finally, the aforementioned experience Palin has with handling the media is one characteristic which discourages Republicans from supporting her. However, those same naysayers seem to be ignoring the lashing Bachmann took yesterday.

In addition to voting records, experience, and name-recognition, media-written narratives have become an expected, yet sad reality to our electoral process. Since waiting around for the media to treat a good conservative candidate fairly is not likely to happen anytime soon, we have no choice but to accept it and fight back as we did in 2010.

That mission promises to be a lot easier with a candidate who has spent many years handling it than with one who is not even yet acclimated to it. Be it media wisdom, executive experience, or vast knowledge on issues like energy, it is Sarah Palin whose time has come.

Read Flesher's full piece here.


Governor Palin on Hannity and Bolling Tonight

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

In the wake of Mike Huckabee announcing he is not running for President, rumors that Mitch Daniels is running for President, and signs that Michele Bachmann is soon going to announce she, too, is running for President, I look forward to seeing what direction Governor Palin takes. Although reportedly there will be no major announcement from her tonight, could she possibly give us a clue during her interviews with Sean Hannity on Fox News at 9:00 p.m. Eastern and Eric Bolling on Fox Business at 10:00 Eastern? reports:

“Right now, it’s anyone’s race, so who does Sarah Palin think will lead the GOP to victory in 2012? Surprising insight from the former governor tonight on Hannity," a Fox advertisement sang out. And at 10 p.m. ET, according to a tweet by host Eric Bolling, Palin will appear on Fox Business Network's Follow the Money, where Bolling says they will discuss the GOP field.

Tune in.


Sarah Palin: Ride the Tide with Commonsense Candidates!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Via Facebook:

I want to again thank the good people of Massachusetts for propelling a commonsense, independent agenda forward! May the working man and woman feel empowered now more than ever to get involved in their government, and let's put this great country on the right track.

The past year continues to offer the promise of commonsense government in so many areas. There are steps we can all take to get there, one of which is to support candidates who promise to fight for the people and against politics as usual. I'm excited to get out and help elect candidates who will bring those principles to our nation's towns, state houses, and directly to Washington D.C. We are already making plans to support the candidates our nation needs to make a difference and speak for everyday Americans.

I look forward to helping Governors like Rick Perry in Texas, Representatives like Michele Bachmann in Minnesota, and heroes and statesmen like Senator John McCain. We will support these candidates and others so that they can continue to fight for our American values.

The special election yesterday in Massachusetts was truly amazing. It is a clear indication of things to come and a demonstration of the momentum we all share in the fight for the values and policies that will get our country back to work. The commonsense conservative principles of liberty and fiscal responsibility are on the rise, and that's why I'm going out and campaigning as hard as I can to make a difference. I can't wait to join all of you in supporting these great candidates and many more over the coming months.

In the meantime, visit the websites of Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, and John McCain. And join us as we embark on America's journey to November!

- Sarah Palin


Rep. Michele Bachmann Prays For Our Nation - Videos

Saturday, December 19, 2009

On Wednesday, Family Research Council, The Call to Conscience, and Focus on the Family Action held a webcast where they were praying about concerns with the health care bill.

Tony Perkins, FRC Action President stated:

"There have been a number of critical hours in American history. Our nation has struggled mightily and, under God, always risen to the challenges before us. Tonight, we will face this moral crisis by taking action and obeying the Biblical mandate to pray for our nation and its leaders."

Representative Michele Bachmann, the congresswoman from Minnesota, led the attendees in prayer for our nation. She asked for God's forgiveness, knowing that each of us has fallen short and missed the mark. Rep. Bachmann understands America's foundation of faith, and was bold in acknowledging that America would be wise to seek God once again. We need more people in positions of authority who are not too proud to humble themselves in repentence and to ask for God's grace and favor.

So often we say, "God, bless America," but it's time for America to bless God. One way to do so is to call out to Him--for ourselves, for our leaders, and for the overall well-being of our nation.

Congresswoman Bachmann is a member of the Congressional Prayer Caucus, which she discusses in the second video.


Representative Michele Bachmann Welcomes Governor Palin Comparison

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The New York Times reports the growing popularity of Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann and basically coins her "the other G.O.P. Lightning Rod." We all know who the perceived lightning rod is.

Not bad for someone less than three years on the job.

Here in Ms. Bachmann’s district, and in much of the country, that outsized celebrity has boiled down to this: They adore her or they loathe her.

As the health care overhaul moves closer to a full debate in Congress, Ms. Bachmann is under attack from the Democratic National Committee for spreading “reckless lies” about the overhaul, one of a handful of Republicans singled out as part of the committee’s “Call ’Em Out” campaign.

Sound familiar? Seems that not too long ago Governor Palin was called a liar by those who took offense at her fearless comments about "death panels," which caused even President Obama to cast off all self-restraint as he referred to her time and time again. Talk about being all wee-weed up.

Some of Ms. Bachmann’s fellow Republicans, meanwhile, are drawing glowing comparisons between her and Sarah Palin, the former Alaska governor and Republican candidate for vice president. Sean Hannity, the conservative talk show host, has introduced Ms. Bachmann as “the second-most-hated Republican woman in the country, second to Governor Palin, which is a good position.”

Being compared to the governor, who is as admired for her common sense conservatism as she is hated by the those who fear the same, is a badge of honor. And what reaction does Representative Bachmann have to such comparisons?

Ms. Bachmann, a lawyer, former state senator and mother of five who with her husband, Marcus, a clinical therapist, has opened their home to 23 foster children, has not so far objected to the speculation, particularly the comparisons to Ms. Palin.

“Sarah Palin is a dedicated mother, committed public servant and strong political figure who has fought hard to protect life, the family budget, and freedom,” Ms. Bachmann said, noting that Ms. Palin’s book — not yet out — was already selling in enormous numbers, while “Nancy Pelosi’s book sold a paltry 2,737 copies in its first week of sales” in 2008.

Read the entire article here.


Shhh...Sarah is Speaking!

Friday, August 7, 2009

I just love Sarah Palin. You know why? Well, the list is long, but one reason is her courage. The day after they try to shut her up by calling her a racist, she comes out swinging--not about the racist accusations; she's got more pressing issues on which to focus. This woman is fearless. I love that about her. And she doesn't use her courage all willy-nilly. She speaks on matters that matter. And she does it like no one else. Oh, plenty of people open their mouths, but Sarah speaks. The difference with Sarah is that it always comes from her heart. Shoot, it seems to come from the depths of her soul--and it's always about right vs. wrong. She calls Obama's proposed health care plan "evil," point blank.

She speaks about how this plan devalues life because it shows no respect for the elderly or disabled. You see, many tried to make her a one-issue person: some loon obsessed with opposing abortion. Not that that issue isn't reason enough for opposition, but Sarah values all life--whether it's the unborn, our senior citizens, our special needs community, or the life we are leaving for our progeny.

And boy, did Sarah speak today! No wonder they want to silence her: Her words are dangerous--to those who are on the wrong side of right, that is, and to their agenda.

The thing about Sarah is that she knows the cost. She's been put through enough to know that what she says will heap coals of fire upon her head. She's no neophyte lacking understanding of what will come down the pike. Whenever she opens her mouth, the haters go crazy. They label her an attention-seeker, a rambler, and of course, a racist. But she does it anyway. With the price so high, why does she do it? This is what some don't understand. Sarah does it because it's right. She does it because she knows it's her calling. She does it because there's a fire shut up in her bones that won't let her hold her peace, to steal from the prophet Jeremiah.

Sarah Palin loves her country, and she will continue to speak--so we will continue to listen. What she is saying must be heard. Of course, that's not a problem because whenever she speaks, the whole world listens.

Here's the statement Sarah released today found on her Facebook page:

Statement on the Current Health Care Debate
Today at 4:26pm

As more Americans delve into the disturbing details of the nationalized health care plan that the current administration is rushing through Congress, our collective jaw is dropping, and we’re saying not just no, but hell no!

The Democrats promise that a government health care system will reduce the cost of health care, but as the economist Thomas Sowell has pointed out, government health care will not reduce the cost; it will simply refuse to pay the cost. And who will suffer the most when they ration care? The sick, the elderly, and the disabled, of course. The America I know and love is not one in which my parents or my baby with Down Syndrome will have to stand in front of Obama’s “death panel” so his bureaucrats can decide, based on a subjective judgment of their “level of productivity in society,” whether they are worthy of health care. Such a system is downright evil.

Health care by definition involves life and death decisions. Human rights and human dignity must be at the center of any health care discussion.

Rep. Michele Bachmann highlighted the Orwellian thinking of the president’s health care advisor, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, the brother of the White House chief of staff, in a floor speech to the House of Representatives. I commend her for being a voice for the most precious members of our society, our children and our seniors.

We must step up and engage in this most crucial debate. Nationalizing our
health care system is a point of no return for government interference in the lives of its citizens. If we go down this path, there will be no turning back. Ronald Reagan once wrote, “Government programs, once launched, never disappear. Actually, a government bureau is the nearest thing to eternal life we’ll ever see on this earth.” Let’s stop and think and make our voices heard before it’s too late.

- Sarah Palin

Rep. Bachmann's speech can be viewed here:


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